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1-Wire® to I2C

Connect I2C sensors to the 1-Wire® to I2C adapter.

1-Wire<sup>®</sup>  to I2C

Feature List

  • Connect multiple I2C buses to your 1-Wire® bus on the IO Expander.
  • I2C bus only at the end so it solves the limited cable length of I2C.
  • Use multiple 1-Wire® to I2C adapters to connect multiple I2C sensors with the same I2C address.
  • I2C bus is 3V3 200mA.
  • 4.7kΩ I2C bus pull-ups on R3 and R4.
  • PL1 jumper to select D1 or D2.
  • Software selectable I2C bus speeds of 100kHz or 400kHz.
  • 1-Wire® Standard or Overdrive(default) speed.
  • Low power 2.6mA typical.
  • 34.4mm x 15mm.

RJ11 Ports

The following I2C sensors are supported by the IO Expander.

#Sensor Type
2HTU2x,SHT2x Temperature/Humidity
3SHT3x Temperature/Humidity
8Si702x Temperature/Humidity
9TSL2561 Light
aTL2561CS Light
bBMP180 Temperature/Pressure
cLM75 Temperature
eDS3231 RTC/Temperature
fAT24C32 Serial EEPROM
10SSD1306/SSD1309 OLED Display
11MCP9600 Thermocouple Temperature
12HX711 Load Cell Weight
13SH1106 OLED Display
14TSL2591 Light
15TCS34725 RGB Light
16SCD30 CO2 Temperature/Humidity

Using the IO Expander you can communicate with the I2C device directly using the 'i' cmd or connect many of the supported I2C sensors using the 's' cmd.

fFind only DS28E17
nScan Addresses
o[n]Speed[0-Standard,1-Overdrive] (New v1.14)
r(address)[read[write]]Read(address)[# bytes to read[write bytes]]Hex
sSelect[64-bit ID]Hex
w(address)(write)Write(address)(write bytes)Hex
?Device Revision

1-Wire is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.