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IO Extender

Extend your IO Expander serial communication distances up to 4000 feet.

Extend your serial communications distances using standard RJ45 Cat5 network wiring, using only 2 mA for each converter.  The IO Extender requires a pair to work; Sender and Receiver.

IO Extender Top IO Extender Bottom

Feature List

  • IO Expander OUT to IO Extender Sender.
  • IO Expander IN to IO Extender Receiver.
  • Uses 5V, low power 2mA typical/converter
  • Uses standard RJ45 Cat5 TIA/EIA 568A wiring.
  • ±4kV ESD protection.
  • Extended serial communications distances up to 4000 feet.
  • 38.6mm x 16.1mm
Pin Function
1 5V
2 5V
3 Tx
4 Gnd
5 Rx
6 Gnd

To obtain the maximum possible cable length and lowest signal loss it is recommended that the RJ45 wiring follow the TIA/EIA T568A straight through network wiring standard.

TIA/EIA68A Wiring
Pin Function
1 Tx+
2 Tx-
3 Rx+
4 Gnd
5 Gnd
6 Rx-
7 5V
8 5V

Using multiple IO Expanders we can greatly extend the cable distance between them using the IO Extender.

IO Extender Small